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Bonus scores
What is bonus scores and how to earn bonus scores?
Bonus scores is that the points you can use to redeem discount during checking out so that can save much money when buying items from our site.

for example:
After you add a item in the shopping cart and select your the country you want to ship the item to, then you see the total amonunt is: us$60.90, and your account have 800(us$8) bonus scores, then click the black button "use bonus", so that you will see the total amonut will change to be us$60.90-us$8 = us$52.90 which means you will save us$8.00, and you go ahead to checking out which will be ok.

You can earn bonus scores from below ways:

1,Earn total 800(us$8.00) bonus scores. Register a member account at our site and verify your email address after registered the member account. To register a member account, click "Register" at right top of this page to the register page to fill the form and submit. After successfully registered an account, 300(us$3.00) bonus scores will be credited into your account.

Verify your email, after you successfully register a member account, sign in your account page, you will see a yellow button for verifying the email , click it and a verify link will be sent to your email which you use to register the member account, then you go to your email box and click the link for verifying the email. Once verified email successfully, 500(us$5.00) will be credited into your account.

2, Earn total 145(us$1.45)scores. Leaving a review will earn bonus scores. Leave 4 or 5 star will earn 20(us$0.20) scores, adding an review photo will earn 20(us$0.20) scores and you are allowed to add 5 photos, so total 100(us$1.00) scores can be earned. Each photo can not be the same photo, must be different photos. Leaving review comments will also earn additional scores, comments with 50 letters or less 50 letters will earn 10(us$0.1) scores, with letters more than 50 and less 100 will earn 20(us$0.20), with letters more than 100 will earn 25(us$0.25) scores.

To write a review, click "My review list" on my account page to go to my reviews page detail, so you will see all the items which you can write reivew on, for example:

click green button "Write a review" to the access of writing review, for example:

The bonus scores will be credited into your member account immediately once you successfully submit the review. But we review team will double check the review(s) you submitted and if found the review(s) are of violatation of the our site's policy, the concerning scores credited for the concerning reivew(s) will be deducted.

3, Earn total bonus scores what you paid for item(s). Buy an item(s) will earn bonus scores. Each us$1.00 will earn 1(us$0.01) score, for example, you buy total 2 dresses, each dress is us$46.9, so you will earn total 46.9 x 2 = 94 scores. The bonus will be credited into your member account immediately after you completed the payment for the order.

4, Earn 20(us$0.2) for each photo Add a photo to your gallery will earn 20(us$0.2) for each photo. The photo you will add must be refering to a dress.
To add a photo to gallery, click the box on an item detail page, or on my account page, for example:

Once you successfully add the photo to gallery, the bonus scores will be credited into your account accordingly!

5, Sharing item(s) on social platform such as facebook, twitter, pinterest..
Sharing on facebook earns 30(us$0.30) bonus scores.
Sharing on youtube earns 30(us$0.30) bonus scores.
Sharing on twitter earns 20(us$0.20) bonus scores.
Sharing on pinterest earns 20(us$0.20) bonus scores.
Sharing on google plus earns 20(us$0.20) bonus scores.
Sharing on lookbook earns 20(us$0.20) bonus scores.
Sharing on wanelo earns 10(us$0.10) bonus scores.
Sharing on others earns 10(us$0.10) bonus scores.

After you shared the item(s), please click the button "contact shop for bonus" to the message submit page, and copy the link which you shared the item(s) and paste the exact link on the message box, then submit to us for checking, after our team check it and will credit the concerning bonus scores into your account.

Terms Of Use:
1, Each 100 bonus scores is equal to us$1.
2, If we accepts a return for one or more items you have purchased using bonus scores, those bonus scores will not be credited back to your account.
3, Your bonus scores earned from what you paid for order(s) are calculated on the actual amount paid for the item(s) instead of the original price or shipping cost/tax cost for your order.
4, We reserves the right to amend Bonus scores rules at any time with our sole discretion.

Would you have any questions, please contact us!
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