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Platform for buyers, designers, suppliers of clothes, jewelry!

We will provide below services to all the sellers and designers: 

Service 1, If you are a seller or a designer, but you do not have your online website yet and you get your products or fashion design ready, we will provide you with a professional online shop.  The price will be us$57 per month and us$685 per year, no any other commission or any other fee. We will provide you a excel feed form to fill your products information and support you the upload your products by mass which you will find it is very easy to handle upload your products on the shopsite, instead of waiste a lot of time to upload the product lists one by one. And after your online shop set, we will accordingly provide you access free of charge to upload lists to our Osilu market for marketing your lists. So basically, what you will need to do is just getting your products ready, fill products excel feed form with your products information, that will be just fine. All the rest work will be done by our team for your. 

Service 2, If you just a few of products or designs, we offer you tag-on selling service, you just fill the product excel form with your products information, we will sell your products on Osilu market, after your products sold, we will just charge 3.5% commission + 3.5%paypal fee, total 7%. and no other fee, no sold, no any fee/commission. 

Service 3, If you already have your own online site selling the products, please provide your product feed in excel form to us, we will upload your lists on our Osilu market, price is us$300 for 300 lists, us$500 for 3000 lists, us$1000 for unlimited lists. 

Service 4, If you already have your own online site selling the products as well as you are one of the affiliate merchants in Sharelink, cj, Rakuten, etc, pleaes kindly let us know, we are affliate publisher to push your lists to our Osilu market. We will not charge any product listing fee. 

Would you have any questions, please kindly contact us! 

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